About me

Who am I?

My name is Janka Kistner, I’m just like all of you. To some people I’m completely ordinary, to others I’m amazing, and some people may just be completely indifferent to me. That’s what life is all about. Each of us is unique in our own way. We all like something different, we all have different personalities, different needs, and different goals in life, and it’s all perfectly okay. I personally see myself as a person with a big heart, optimism and gratitude for the gifts that have come into my life. I have lived abroad for more than half of my life. I grew up in England as a child, lived in America while I was in college, and stayed there for another 5 years after graduation.

I currently live with my family in Prague. I know only too well what it’s like to start over from scratch. When life puts obstacles in your way and you keep stumbling and hoping that one day you will stand up and show what you are really capable of. When you have to rely on yourself, even though you have the wholehearted support of your family, because you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. I know this very well because I have been there.

It was only the most difficult ordeals in my life that made me understand that when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Even during college, I knew that I felt weird when surrounded by people, as if I could feel other people’s energies, as if I could sense how they were feeling. I never paid special attention to it, I just told myself: “There I go again, somebody’s hexed me”. That’s how I functioned until 2013, when I started doing energy work.

Suddenly I understood what had been happening to me in the past, how I react to energies. I started to see changes happening within me and around me. Even then I understood that when a person wants to start a new stage in life, sincere forgiveness has to come first, and only then a new door will open. Then The Journey by Brandon Bays came into my life, thanks to a friend who just asked me if I knew anyone who could help her with her situation. At the time, I was shortly after giving birth to my child, when my midwife suggested that my friend try The Journey therapy…. and that’s how my own journey began, too.

I immediately found out that there was a book called The Journey, which I subsequently bought. It was just my curiosity, I wanted to know what I would actually be recommending to my friend. I read the book in one day and was already googling what to do next. Just then, an ad popped up at me saying Brandon Bays was coming to give a seminar in Prague in a month’s time. I bought my ticket for the weekend seminar that very day and on the last day of the seminar I knew this was my journey. I completed all the therapeutic training and became an accredited The Journey Method therapist. It was only during The Journey that I understood that there are only good emotions, that every emotion (whether positive or negative) is a good emotion. It was only during The Journey that I experienced what is inner freedom, inner balance and who I really am. That is why I now see The Journey as a lifestyle. Living a conscious life is a gift that I wish for everyone with all my heart.

Courses and seminars attended

Self Mastery  (Kevin Billet)
Advanced work with Enneagram. A year-long seminar combined with working on yourself and deepening your work with the Enneagram.

E – Motion and Enneagram (Dorothe Trassl)
Connecting bodywork and the Enneagram. Trauma work, shaking techniques, stress release, “floating” and rebirth in the water.

Advanced No Ego Europe (Brandon Bays)
Transformative work with the Enneagram, an intensive 7 day workshop previously only held in India under Mountain Arunachala. This is an intensive work with Brandon Bays.

E – Motion Inner Child (Dorothe Trassl)
E – Motion Healing of the Inner Child. Connecting trauma and body work, shaking techniques and healing through touch. 

JP BIZ Training – Journey Practitioner Business Training  (Daniel Wagner a Kevin Billet)
Combining the work of the therapist with the business.

Life Tranformation Mastery (Kevin Billet)
Life transforming work with the Enneagram.  A year-long workshop focusing on working with the Enneagram and its impact on daily life.

No Ego Coaching (Kevin Billet)  
Coaching  No Ego is based on working with the Ego. An in-depth 4-month seminar focusing on the Enneagram.

Life Transformation Week (Brandon Bays)
Brandon Bays therapeutic training focusing on various aspects of using therapy in life (trauma, addictions, depression and other mental or physical diagnoses).

No Ego (Brandon Bays a Kevin Billet)
Is an intensive seminar focused on knowledge of the Enneagram.

Healing with Conscious Communication (Kevin Billet)
Is a seminar where you learn how to use elements of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in communication. This is verbal and non-verbal body communication.

E – Motion Restart workshop (Dorothe Trassl)
Working with trauma and connection of trauma and body shaking. 

Conscious Abundance (Brandon Bays)
Is a seminar focused on manifesting abundance in life.

Journey Intensive and Advanced Skills (Brandon Bays a Arnold Timmerman)
Intensive journey and Advanced tools. 

Reiki I. a II. (Jiřina Kloučková)
Working with energy, chakras and healing crystals.

Whom I work with

Vědomý prostor


Therapeutic and educational center in Prague.

Beauty salon HH


Comprehensive skin care services.

What do I recommend

E-motion Dorothe Trassl


As a psychologist and trauma yoga teacher, Dorothe combines the best of both worlds in her work as an E-motion coach and a truly unique holistic therapist.



A unique holistic treatment method for releasing emotions and trauma through the body. It was created on the basis of the author’s own experience, and you can test its effectiveness at seminars in the Czech Republic as well.