Fireworks of feelings

Do you feel your emotions are like fireworks? Sometimes they explode unexpectedly and can’t be controlled, sometimes they are beautifully played out, but they are very loud and you don’t know in what form they will show up. Or sometimes you can’t and don’t ignite them, they are completely extinguished, until they are buried deep in the ground, until you feel an emptiness inside you.

The cycle of busyness

Do you feel like you’re in a cycle and not stopping? You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. You don’t have a minute to stop and make a change in your life for your benefit. There is always something more important than your personal needs.


Are you a foreigner or living abroad? No one understands you and no one can understand your needs? You don’t have your family or anyone to support you and help you in hard times? Do you feel emptiness, frustration and burnout on every level? 

Inner Balance

When we find our inner balance, the door is opened to our potential and we can finally live it in its full magnificence. We each deserve to be free from the inner saboteurs that keep us from living a full life on a conscious level. 

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What is The Journey Method

It is a unique healing method that guides us to look at the blocked cellular memories we have acquired throughout our lives. It is scientifically proven that most causes of disease arise when emotions become blocked. This creates a chemical reaction that blocks cell receptors.

Since cells communicate with each other and automatically reproduce, it is more than likely that when blocked cells reproduce, this is where diseases arise.

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Where the therapy takes place

The therapy takes place either in person in Prague or via ZOOM (depending on your destination). I offer therapy during the day and also in the evenings (especially for clients that are abroad and where the time zone is different).

It’s not a rule that in-person therapies are more effective or deeper than those via ZOOM. Each therapy is as deep and effective as you allow.

You are the one opening up in the process, I am only your guide on this journey of yours. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what platform you choose, it matters how deeply you are willing to open up and dive into your feelings and pains from the past.

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Who is the therapy suitable for

Absolutely for everyone WHO:

  • Feels an inner calling and who wants to work on their themes.
  • Feels a need for change in life and is unable to move from a place, as if being always pulled back to the same thing.
  • Is a workaholic and can’t find any time for himself/herself, basically life is slipping through their fingers.
  • Is always “saving others” and does not pay attention to his/her own needs at all.
  • Feels like he or she can’t stop. He/she prefers to do a million things at once just so he/she doesn’t have to face their true feelings.
  • Has fears and doubts about himself/herself, his/her existence and cannot move on in life.
  • Has a physical or mental problem and is ready to look at the roots of where it all started.
  • Is eager to reconnect with his/her “inner child”.
  • Is willing to open up to his or her feelings.
  • Desires to find inner peace, inner beauty and inner freedom and reconnect with his/her soul.

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How I work with my clients

1. Introductory phone call:

We get to know each other, we talk about what is bothering you, what you would like to focus on, and what you expect from the therapy. There is space for questions (we talk in more detail about how therapy works). This meeting is very important for you, too. As we look at blocked emotions during the therapy, at unpleasant situations you experienced in the past, it is important that there is trust and openness between us. It’s tuning in to each other. This phone call lasts approximately up to 30 minutes and is naturally free of charge. We will also arrange the date for our first session.

2. First session:

Always starts with the Journey therapy. Please note that the session can last up to 3 hours. I recommend that you read the book The Journey before the first session. We will set a specific intention for this session, tune in with a gentle meditation and relax.

During this relaxation, we become aware of our body, from which emotions arise. Our body is so intelligent that it always takes us to where something primarily needs to be addressed, and it lets us go only as deep as we are ready for at the moment. 

3. Cooperation:

This is intensive work on ourselves. I offer multiple packages.

  • Package of 5 sessions – this is The Journey therapy to which we add Reiki. Each package is “tailored” and we will use the emotional journey processes, physical journey processes, phobia processes and look at unhealthy vows and beliefs. We will add clearing with Reiki and chakra balancing.
  • Package of 10 sessions – this is an intensive work on yourself. Each session will always start with The Journey process, to which we will add the Reiki and Ego processes. Again, we create processes based on the current situation and the topic to be primarily addressed. We will use the emotional journey processes, the physical journey processes, the phobia processes, unhealthy vows and beliefs, karmic agreements, the life’s purpose process, the abundance process, and the ego processes (based on the Enneagram personality typology). We will add Reiki and chakra balancing to the package.   
  • Support – this package is for regular clients who have already gone through the package of sessions and would be interested in continuing to work on themselves. This is once per month support using The Journey therapy.
  • Children – The Journey therapy can be done by anyone who is open to it. I always say that the child is the mirror of the parent. What a parent goes through is mostly reflected in the children often without the parents being aware of it. It is enough that the children just feel the energy from the parents. So unknowingly they feel the parents’ fears and doubts as well. I work with children, but only under one condition that the parent has therapy first, and then the child.   

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Find Your Inner Freedom
Find Your Inner Beauty
Find Your Inner Balance
Find Your Way “Home”

To whom I highly recommend the therapy

Moms who don’t see their inner beauty. As a mother of two, I know very well what it’s like to feel burnt out. The feeling that you have completely failed as a mother. You are so overworked, tired, grumpy and you unknowingly pass all your frustration on to your children. I know all too well what it’s like, I have experienced it many times myself. However, now I have the tools to help me through these moments. I am aware of how I react, how I communicate with my children, how I perceive their emotions and needs. I know how important it is for me to have inner freedom, to know who I really am at my core, because we also pass these feelings on to our children. When I feel inner peace, my children and my family feel it, too.

Expats: Being a foreigner in another country can be wonderful, even exciting for some and a nightmare for others. Take an honest look at what it’s really like. What do you really feel when they look at you strangely in the shop and automatically throw you in a bag with the rest of the foreigners. How does it feel when you want to get something arranged at the public office and the officials have no patience with you because you are taking longer and holding them up. They may not tell you to your face, but you could cut the tension with a knife. What do you really feel when you are in the company of people and nobody understands your opinions or jokes because you have a completely different mindset and mentality.

What is it really like when you are raising a family in another country where the system is different, where the mother tongue is different and where you don’t have help from your closest family. I know very well what it is like. I know what it is like to grow up as a child in another country with another language where nobody understands you. I know what it’s like to live abroad thousands of miles from home. Even if you know the language, there’s still an accent and you’re automatically thrown into the “foreigner” bag. I know what it’s like to start life in another country all over again and try to build something up, just to make your family proud of you. I know what it’s like to raise your children in another country, not having your immediate family close at hand. I know what it’s like to go back to your home country after some years and suddenly feel like you’re no longer at home there and feel like a stranger there, too. I know how difficult it is to adapt to a new environment. From my own experience, I know very well what you are going through. I personally found The Journey method very helpful. It helped me to look even deeper at where my fears, unhealthy beliefs and doubts lie. All the way to my own essence, my inner freedom. When you connect with your inner beauty, harmony and freedom, only then will you realize that it doesn’t matter what country you live in, home is where your heart is.