The journey method

What is The Journey Method

It is a unique healing method that guides us to look at the blocked cellular memories we have acquired throughout our lives. It is scientifically proven that most causes of disease arise when emotions become blocked. This creates a chemical reaction that blocks cell receptors.

Since cells communicate with each other and automatically reproduce, it is more than likely that when blocked cells reproduce, this is where diseases arise. Using this method, we can go directly to specific cellular memories where strong emotions got blocked in the past – during our childhood or in later life. These may be traumatic situations that we rather suppressed, blocked out, “erased”, just so we don’t need to feel them. This method is simple and so transformative that it takes us directly to the specific memory we are primarily meant to feel in the moment. Here we feel the blocked emotion again.

Since the experience of an emotion does not come from our mind, but is a concrete experience in the body, we open deeper into the core of our being. If we feel our emotions in a healthy way, the cellular receptors are subsequently opened, and then the healing of our being at the deepest level takes place. During the therapy, we look at the unhealthy patterns we created in specific situations – some of them are even passed on from generation to generation. We will look at what blocks us from living a fulfilling life, whether on a mental or physical level. With each experience of our emotions, with each purging of unhealthy patterns, we peel away another layer of our “build-up”, under which there lies the “pure diamond”, the unique essence of our being. This method is used as a complementary service in conventional and alternative medicine around the world. It has applications not only in health care, education, offices, but also in every home. It is absolutely for everyone who is open to it.

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Brandon Bays

Based on her own experience when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor the size of a basketball, Brandon Bays came up with a healing method that allowed her to heal herself in less than seven weeks. From this experience, the Journey Method was born. Brandon Bays is the author of the international best-selling book, The Journey, where she describes her journey to healing. She is also a leader, therapist, expert, and author of other books in the field of healing. For over 25 years, she has been giving Journey seminars worldwide.

The books that I recommend:

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Find Your Inner Freedom
Find Your Inner Beauty
Find Your Inner Balance
Find Your Way “Home”


Enneagram is a teaching that is more than a thousand years old.  It is a personality typology that is divided into 9 patterns of behavior. At birth, we each take on a particular Enneatype and play its games our entire lives. We play it so automatically that we are completely unaware of the traps we are falling into.

We go on autopilot, which is controlled, driven by our ego. Every single personality type reacts completely differently, has different perceptions, thoughts and actions. We are most aware of our Ego games in stressful situations, and all our reactions happen so automatically that unless we are aware of what game we are playing, we hardly recognize who we really are. That is why the Enneagram teaches us WHO WE ARE NOT.

There are 9 personality types in the Enneagram. These are divided into 3 centers: the Body Type (8, 9, 1), the Emotional Type (2, 3, 4) and the Mind Type (5, 6, 7). Every single number (enneatype) has an adjacent number called a wing, where we “go on a visit” and in some life stages we play the game of this other number. There are also lines along which we also “go to visit” another enneatype. However, the bottom line is that we always have 1 main fixation by which we play our “life role”. The Enneagram is a beautiful teaching that you will find in professional books.

As a journey therapist, I went through a training focused on the Enneagram, which fascinated me so much that I use it as one of the tools in my therapeutic practice. When we delve deeper into our ego fixation strategies, look at the roots of what we are avoiding or what, on the contrary, drives us to play the game, only then are we able to throw off our “masks” and look at who we really are. The goal is not to “get rid” of our ego, but to be aware of these games. Once we are aware of what the games are, we will finally understand who we really are, only then will we understand why our children, partners, parents, friends, etc… behave and act in a certain way. Being aware of these games is a tremendous gift that leads us one step closer to our inner freedom.

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Reiki is a universal energy and belongs among energy healing methods, also known as palm healing. It is a natural healing and a type of alternative medicine. It comes from the Japanese words REI, which means spirit, soul or universe and KI, which means energy.

We all have chakras through which the universal energy flows and passes through the energy pathways in our body. The energy pathways and chakras are open differently for everyone. With the help of laying hands, through which the universal energy flows, the body gets rid of pollutants, releases blockages and also harmonizes the energy flow within the body. When hands are placed on an energetically damaged area of the body, healing processes occur and at the same time the body is healed emotionally and physically.

Reiki flows to the areas that are most damaged. The body always knows which place needs it the most. Everyone perceives working with reiki differently. For someone it is quick pain relief, someone sees it as a gentle meditation, and for someone it may be a means to speed up their healing process. While working with reiki it is important to realize that we are only facilitators of this energy, so I use reiki work as a complement to working with The Journey Method.