the feedback from my clients

Dear Jani, 
I knew The Journey book before we started talking about it. I read it and wondered how and with whom to do therapy and also whether I was even capable of doing it.

After a while, I forgot about it. You, however, brought it back into my life and did therapy with me with incredible depth to heal my pain and some long-forgotten blames. 

Your beautiful voice and guidance are like a miracle.  I didn’t believe I could get to where I did with your help. The Journey under Your guidance was able to find what no longer serves me and had to be forgiven. You relieved my heart and my soul. Thank You so much for Your wonderful energy, help and love with which You guided me through The Journey.

To all who seek understanding of the past, childhood, the cause of any blockages or forgiveness of people and situations, I heartily recommend You.

Love, Jana (Chicago, USA)

Janka is an amazing therapist and working with her helped me recover from panic attacks. Janka has the gift of making me feel safe and allowing me to open up to my deepest emotions. With her help, I have moved to the other side of my greatest fear and found confidence and strength.

Janka is very perceptive, sensitive and her combination of emotion work and reiki is absolutely amazing! I wish everyone had this experience where you can lean on someone like this and let go of everything.

Petra (Geneva)

Dear Janka,

thank so much for your commitment to my journey in letting go and moving past difficulties that were preventing me from being open to a reconciliation with my estranged mother. As you know just a few months after our sessions, I felt freedom to open up to the contact with my mother. We have now been in contact for over a year and are building a new relationship. There is still long ways to go but it is a start and just the fact that I feel freedom to be in contact with her is a miracle.

Gabriela (Italy)

I met Janka at The Journey training as her trainer and she impressed me with her passion and enthusiasm for learning. Later I had her on my coaching team and admired her dedication, her willingness to help at any time, her commitment, wisdom and humility. I have been through the Journey process with Janka several times as a client and can only recommend her.

Janka has always guided me lovingly, her positive and supportive attitude has been my support, her desire for truth has revealed to me the previously unrecognized, and her watchful loving attention has been my guide even in more difficult times. You are in good hands with Janka.

Jana (Czech Republic)

Therapies with Janka are very pleasant, full of trust and security. Janka can very accurately name and direct you to where the painful emotions and traumas are stored, which many times we ourselves are unable to detect or try to avoid.

Janka is a very empathetic, understanding and sensitive therapist. She exudes calmness, acceptance, trust and incredible peace even when you are overwhelmed with your emotions. I am grateful to Janka for her patience and wonderfully guided processes, many things in my life have changed due to the views she has allowed me to see through therapy. I wholeheartedly recommend Janka to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

Katarína (Slovakia)